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valuation dealershipDealership valuation is a thorough process requiring broad and deep knowledge of the industry and the complex operations of dealerships.

When selecting a dealership valuation firm, one would want to choose high expertise, experience, and excellence. Kirk Kleckner exemplifies all three. Having had seven years experience as the Chief Financial Officer for a well-respected Top 50 dealership group, Kirk uses this knowledge as he serves varying sizes of dealerships and automotive businesses and their owners and professionals. His qualifications include 19 years with an accounting firm with roles as a shareholder, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Business Valuation and Litigation Support Service.

Kirk’s experience as a CFO includes service and warranty matters. Other duties as a CFO included reviewing extended service contractual relationships, and establishing and overseeing dealer-owned reinsurance entities and structures for extended service contracts and other auto insurance-related products.

Dealership valuation requires an understanding of the automotive industry’s fast-changing business opportunities and risks. Kirk has unique expertise in identifying business strategic and operational risks and assessing their impact on value. Most dealership valuation experts rely on their professional training and experience in serving the private sector from the outside. Kirk has years of practical experience working inside the dealership private sector industry’s managing, buying, and selling businesses.

If you are like most Automotive dealership owners, your investment in your business represents your most valuable asset and a significant part of your personal wealth.  Successfully managing and nurturing the value of your dealership secures your family’s future well-being.  To that end, dealers are able to use Kirk’s results in many ways:

  • Supporting and optimizing business and ownership transactions
  • Knowing and monitoring what the dealership is worth personally and to others
  • Aligning the business to key valuation enhancement drivers
  • Identifying strategic risk factors and other weaknesses to enhance dealership value and wealth protection
  • Measuring personal goodwill and establishing a plan to convert to transferable business value
  • Identifying and addressing opportunities to enhance the dealership’s marketability
  • Affirming or adjusting the strategic direction of the company
  • Measuring the change of dealership value and the paramount dealership performance measure
  • Identifying performance opportunities through comparison of subject dealership to typical high-performing characteristics
  • Establishing clear and accurate value measurement for personal financial and estate planning and dealership succession planning
  • Protecting future value today by tax optimizing the business structure