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Auto Dealer Litigation

Auto Dealer Litigation

An Experienced and Qualified Expert Witness Can Help When Transactions Don’t go as Planned

We have always encouraged the owners of automobile dealerships to plan early and consult with capable and experienced advisers. I have seen many times transactions go awry because the dealer uses an accountant or attorney based on loyalty and relationship even though the professional lacks the experience. The result sometimes was financial disaster with litigation. With sound advice from someone with industry experience and transaction experience the transaction is much more likely to be orderly and successful for all parties.

Put simply, a contract is a promise for the parties to perform. In the case of a dealership buy-sell transaction there are industry specific issues that need to be addressed to prevent disagreement and disappointment. It is the professionals that need to ensure these are addressed, especially if one or both of the transaction parties have not been through the buy-sell process multiple times before.

Auto Dealer Litigation Witness Expert

We have experience helping dealers with litigation including:
Breach of contract/warranty
Business interruption
Business / commercial damage claims
Class action settlement valuation
Condemnation / eminent domain
Construction claims
Dealership practices
Dissenting owner
Franchise termination or changes
IRS disputes
Lost business value
Lost intangible asset value
Lost profits
Ownership disputes
Post-acquisition disputes
Reinsurance valuation

Auto Dealer Litigation Expert Witness

A broken contract usually means that someone is going to incur financial damages, and assessing those damages is not a simple manner because of the nature and complexity of the automobile industry. As an auto industry expert witness, Kirk Kleckner has over 20 years of experience. Kirk can be reached at 612-294-8730